The Marketplace Series

Book 1: The Marketplace

Since the premiere of the first book in the series, Laura Antoniou's Marketplace series has occupied a unique place in BDSM fiction.  Instead of simply focusing on a series of sexual encounters, the novels examine the complexities of a hidden slave-holding society and the motives and the inner quandaries of slave-holders, trainers and slaves, while still delivering an enticing, passionate and hot story.
quote partially from Consent Magazine)

The world of the Marketplace first opens at a training house on Long Island, run by Alexandra Selador and Grendel Elliot.  After the trainers accept Sharon, Brian, Claudia, and Robert into the house, the trainees struggle to overcome their shortcomings; pride, selfishness, immaturity and perfectionism.  Who among them will survive the training meted out by the rigorous and unrelenting Chris Parker?  And who will uncover the truth of his or her own sexual need to submit?


Excerpt from The Marketplace

To be thrilled at the touch of leather, aroused by the sound of harsh words, or satisfied by the security of rigid bondage is the mark of a lover. To be thrilled at the opportunity to provide useful service, aroused by a pleased nod, and satisfied by the proverbial job well done, is the mark of a slave. It may sound severe. Almost anti-erotic. Until you see two people, owner and owned, existing in a complementary relationship where each suits the other like balances on a delicate scale.


Comment from Kitty Tsui (author, Breathless)

"(The Marketplace) Reads like cool silk on whip reddened flanks. Gay, bi, or straight, master, novice, slave, switch, Daddy, boy, fetishist, hedonist, and submissive will all respond to these erotic pages. Compelling, and charged with electricity, pleasurable as leather rain."





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