Out of Print books

Laura used to have 16 books in print with Masquerade books, once the largest publisher of erotic books in the United States. In addition to being the original publisher of the Marketplace series, Laura's the three Leatherwomen anthologies, The Catalyst, a tribute anthology to the late John Preston entitled "Looking for Mr. Preston," and other S/M oriented anthologies, including By Her Subdued, No Other Tribute, and "Some Women" were all available through Masquerade. In addition to her own books and anthologies, Laura contributed to several other people's anthologies -- many of whom were also getting published by Masquerade Books. This means if you have a copy of Shar Rednour's "Virgin Territory II" you own a short story by Laura called "in the Name of Art."  Likewise, if you own "Once Upon A Time: Erotic Fairy Tales for Women," edited by Michael Ford, a collection of "retold" fairy tales, it includes Laura's tongue-in-cheek story, "The Little Urban Maid."
About 10 years ago, Masquerade went out of the book publishing business and regretfully, did not formally notify their writers or readers of this decision.  Dozens of erotica authors, including Laura, learned the hard way that their books were no longer being printed -- when their fans started to complain. Many authors are still working to regain the rights to publish their own writing elsewhere - and working hard to find other publishing companies to do so.  These books -- in fact, ALL books published by Masquerade! -- are now out of print. The only way to find them is to search used book stores, or locate them on your favorite internet auction sites. They will never be re-printed, and will become collectors'  items.

Laura is eternally grateful to Mystic Rose Books for picking up her Marketplace series, and for publishing "The Catalyst & Other Works," which includes many of the short stories published over the years in anthologies once published by Masquerade.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to reprint many of Laura's anthologies, because those anthologies include work by other writers, all of whom signed contracts that only permitted one-time publishing privileges. Laura has lost contact with many of these writers over the last 15 years, and has only been able to locate about 2/3 of them. Some of the writers are no longer interested in having their work re-printed.

If you're searching for Laura's out-of-print books, may we suggest the following resources:

www.abebooks.com   www.alibris.com  www.bookfinder.com  www.half.com www.circlet.com



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