The Marketplace Series

Book 5: The Reunion

Book Five, The Reunion, brings back two of the most popular characters in the The Marketplace series. Robin, recently released from her contract, meets her old trainer Chris Parker on a trip to Ireland where they will join dozens of other slaves for a week at a centuries-old Castle (now 4-star hotel), at a Marketplace-sponsored Reunion.
For Robin, now a veteran slave, the week at Kaleigh Castle will give her time to consider whether she is ready to return to the auction block. During the Reunion, she will meet slaves from all walks of life, as well as their spouses, significant others, and even children. Some of her new friends are also struggling with their own futures, whether they are still in the Marketplace, retired, or returning to service.
As for Chris, it will be a trip back in time to a place where he learned many of the skills that made him so valuable to the Marketplace. But never completely on holiday, he hopes to meet with a handsome young Earl and his millionaire American bride, whose talents for slave-training have gained them special attention. . . including the attention of a nosy tabloid reporter, who is hoping for the biggest story of his career -- a real-life international slave trading ring.


Excerpt from The Reunion

"But why go on a vacation of all slaves?" Carol had asked.
"It's not just a vacation," Winifred said firmly. "It's a Reunion. Slaves from all walks of life, from all over the world go to Reunion events. Some will be taking their scheduled breaks, and others, who are retired, will be there for the camaraderie and the shared history. But many attend when they are in transition." Winifred looked at Carol meaningfully, and Carol grasped at the word.
"If they're between contracts, thinking of expanding their skills, considering retiring, or, like you, wondering about returning, the Reunions are wonderful opportunities to network and gather information from other slaves. It's a chance to meet pleasure slaves from the Middle East, butlers from Great Britain, executives from the corporate owners - Reunions are the place to find them all together. And, they're a perfect place to be able to safely talk about your experiences and dreams with people who will understand you."

Comment from Debra Hyde:

"I can't say enough good things about The Renuion. Laura Antoniou's plotting only improves with age; . . . [h]er eye for detail, both subtle and broad, remain remarkable, and her erotic writing still provides exciting interludes. If anything, the hot vacation sex at the novel's midpoint is one hell of a clever reward for her dedicated fans.
"Yes, the potent combination that made The Slave the most popular volume in the original trilogy fires up again, and while I refuse to say whether the unrequited desire of every reader who ever latched onto Chris and Robin is finally answered, I can say this reunion is immensely satisfying."





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